In a highly competitive world where costs are rising and resources dwindling, no business can afford a fire-related interruption.  Mission critical facilities require the state-of-the art total fire prevention solution Anadal Technologies Limited can offer, . . . a peace of mind solution!

In your business today, you should be able to install a system that will assure you of a fast, efficient and environmentally safe fire extinguishments. The FM-200 is the most environmentally friendly clean agent for use in fire prevention systems worldwide. Several tests support the conclusion that it is as safe for humans as it is effective at combating fires, leaving no harmful or messy residue.

  - Smoke/heat sensors/detectors
  - Explosion Proof IR/UV Flame Detectors
  - Explosion Proof Combustible Gas Detectors
  - Fire alarm & suppression panels
  - Explosion Proof Detector Control Panel
  - Stand Alone FM-200 Systems
  - Battery operated alarming devices, etc
  - Sirens/Strobes, Bells, etc
  - UV/IR Test Lamp
There remain basic questions that need to be answered in installing a very good fire prevention and fire suppression system. The right answers to these questions will provide the right solution for your business. Some of these questions are:
 - Do you have mission critical facility?
 - What value do you put to clean fire protection and suppression?
 - How important do you rate early fire detection?
 - Are your fire detectors intelligent and if yes, how really intelligent?
 - Is your system 100% integrated?
 - Does it matter who designs, installs and services your fire prevention and suppression system?

At Anadal Technologies Limited, we provide solutions that meet your fire suppression needs. We provide standpipe/modular systems as well as engineered, integrated systems. In addition, we have developed partnership with some companies that produce aerosol fire suppression systems that is very modular and can be used in any situation. Call us today to inspect and survey your facility. We shall design, install and maintain your fire suppression system using state-of-the-art equipment for detecting, controlling agent release and sounding warning alarms.

Call us today to save your business fire-related losses.

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