The daily running of the business is AGWU KALU's responsibility. He is the MD/CEO. He is involved in all aspects of design, analyses, selection and deployment of access control systems; intrusion/detection systems; fire containment systems; security systems installation, maintenance and training; foreign training and purchasing issues, etc.

Agwu is a security risk management professional with more than 15 years of safety and security expertise. His diverse background represents a unique blend of operational, technical, tactical, and managerial skills that provide practical solutions for the security issues facing industry, communities, and government today.

He is skilled in using numerous security assessment methods and adapting those methods to meet client objectives. He helped develop security installations and workshops for numerous clients, has conducted numerous security threat and vulnerability assessments, security audits, provided security countermeasure upgrade recommendations and is very knowledgeable about countermeasures technology and selection.

His key qualifications include but not limited to:
  • 30 years post-qualification experience as an Industrial Engineer (providing General       Management Services) in various multi-national corporations and a government organization;
  • Grounding in security operations management with emphasis on pedestrian and vehicle access control systems; surveillance systems; burglary/intrusion detection and vulnerability containment; fire detection, alarm and suppression systems; security systems training
  • Proficiency in designing productivity improvement programs and cost reduction plans; distribution and fleet management; security systems and facility management; supply chain management (logistics);
  • Experience in data collection, financial and statistical analyses, surveys/researches feasibility preparations, and database management;
  • Experience in Computer Systems/Operations, with respect to Hardware, Software deployment, Programming, Design and Analyses, Networking, Internet, etc.
Agwu is available for provisioning adhoc and part-time consultancy services and can be reached by SMS on +234.809.811.2863 or by e-mail through You can download Agwu's CV here.

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