Anadal Technologies Limited a.k.a. ANADALTECH, was incorporated in 2000 to provide IT based management information systems. With an initial focus on telecommunications, ANADALTECH eventually acquired the technical assets of Analysed Data Limited, and expanded to provide full IT services and solutions particularly in the areas of:

  Ø  Pedestrian and Vehicle Access Control;
  Ø  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and General Surveillance;
  Ø Electronic Visitors' Management Systems;
  Ø  Fire Alarming and Suppression Systems;
  Ø  Intrusion/Burglary Detection Systems; and
  Ø  Time & Attendance Management;

ANADALTECH is one of the leading security and access control companies in Nigeria today. Whether you are considering the implementation of a security or access control system for the first time, augmenting an existing system or seeking a new, totally integrated system, ANADALTECH offers advantages that are hard to find anywhere else. We have been able to establish this leadership role because of our reputation for identifying and solving problems and by providing our clients with the highest quality products, services and support.

At a time when costs are more critical than ever before, and security is foremost in the hierarchy of organizations' concerns, we have intensified our efforts in assisting public and private sector organizations meet their security, information technology and general competitiveness needs. When it comes to security and specific areas of information technology bothering on security, while others talk in generalities, we talk in specifics, spelling out what your organization needs to stay secured and remain in the competition.


Our mission is to offer the most cost-effective, state-of-the art, information technology-driven security systems and solutions that make organizations more efficient and provide needed peace of mind.

To achieve our mission statement, we have an uncompromising commitment to conduct our business with utmost professionalism and integrity, adhering to the highest quality and ethical standards in the industry.

We have a vision to make ANADALTECH a one-stop-shop for all Access Control and Security Systems, Fire Prevention Systems, and other Technologically-based security requirements in the West African Sub-Region.


Our values define what is fundamentally important to each of us at ANADALTECH, by providing guidelines for our choices and actions. ANADALTECH staffers are guided in their work by a balanced framework of values - a commitment to Continuum, Innovation, Quality and Productivity.

Although these values are connected, they overlap and reinforce one another. Our values provide a lens that focuses and shapes our shared perspective and represents a commitment to both ourselves and to our clients.

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